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Speech Pathologist Melbourne

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Autism Speech Pathologist

Head banging, hand flapping, melt downs, fixed interests, delayed language…the world of Autism is a complex one that all too often leaves parents feeling overwhelmed, confused and defeated. Unfortunately there is still so much that is unknown as to what Autism is and how our children will be affected by this confusing disorder.

What we do know is that despite these intense feelings of distress and confusion… you are not alone. There is help and you have every reason to feel hopeful!

Autism is a pervasive lifelong developmental disability which can impact on the way a person communicates and interacts with people around them. People with Autism Spectrum Disorders are described as having difficulties in the areas of:

  • communication and social interaction

  • rigidity and unusual behaviours

We will:

  • Provide education about Autism and how it impacts on communication

  • Assess your child’s language and communication difficulties and work collaboratively with you to figure out which areas need treatment

  • Develop treatment plans which target the areas of:

    • Social interaction (eg eye contact, joint attention, reciprocity, imitation, thinking about things from other people’s perspectives)

    • Play skills (eg turn taking, dealing with losing, participating in interactions/games)

    • Communication (eg assessing for the needs and requirements for using augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices as a mode of communication)

    • Language (eg assessing expressive language (ie what we say), receptive language (ie what we understand), syntax (ie how we put words together))

    • Pragmatics (ie how we use language eg initiating communication, requesting, protesting, showing and commenting, seeking comfort, use of greetings/farewells, trouble with topics (initiation, maintenance, quick topic changes), turn taking in conversations, difficulties in understanding social situations)

    • Self-regulatory functions (eg we will consult with psychologists and OTs to help teach your child how to regulate their emotions and behaviours)

    • Nonverbal communication (eg eye contact and whole body listening)

  • Provide School/kinder/child care integration - we will participate as a member of the school team to determine appropriate supports which best help in integrating into their  school, kinder, child care environments

  • Advocate - be involved in advocating for clients and their families at local, state and national levels.

Our focus is on providing you with strategies to help improve your child’s skills.

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