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All For Claps Speech Pathology Melbourne

About Us

Speech Therapy Play Based

Welcome to All for Claps Speech Pathology, a private speech pathology service dedicated to providing high quality intervention to children aged birth to 16 years of age within childcare, kinder, school or home environments. We have a special interest in providing speech therapy to children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, developmental disabilities and language disorders.

We utilise an evidence-based social developmental approach, focussing on interaction and play. Our philosophy is that language learning takes place when we are having enjoyable shared experiences.

We are passionate about delivering family centred services, as we recognise that families are the key drivers to their child’s development and our role is to help you navigate the way.

We want your child’s communication to be developed through joyful experiences and play, and we want to provide positive parenting strategies and support to you!

We are all about embracing and celebrating difference and finding individualised ways to best empower your child to help them reach their full potential!

We are certified with Speech Pathology Australia, and registered with Medicare and most private health funds. We are also a NDIS registered provider and soon should be able to assist under the Helping Children with Autism and Better Start Packages.

We look forward to working with you.

All For Claps Speech Pathology Melbourne

Joanna Maddox

Joanna Maddox Melbourne Speech Pathologist

Joanna is an experienced speech pathologist and a certified member of Speech Pathology Australia with a special interest in the area of Autism Spectrum Disorders and developmental disabilities. Joanna graduated with a Masters of Speech Pathology Studies from the University of Queensland in 2010 with a Dean’s commendation for outstanding results. Since then, she has gained the following experience:

  • Specialist school for children with Autism in London

  • Private paediatric speech pathology clinic with children aged up to 7 years with Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Key worker in Early Childhood Intervention Services for Scope (a non-for-profit disability organisation based in Victoria).

Joanna is passionate about supporting families and children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, developmental disabilities and language disorders. Joanna understands both personally and professionally about the challenges that families face when raising a child with a developmental disability. Joanna is dedicated to journeying with families, providing emotional and practical support in assisting children with their communication and helping parents through this foggy time.


Joanna is a Hanen certified speech pathologist and draws upon these principles when working with families.  Joanna provides home, childcare, kinder and school visits. On her visits, Joanna provides both direct therapy in her sessions and parent discussion and training. Joanna also provides parents with relevant resources and information where possible. Joanna uses a play based, interactional approach to therapy, focussing on helping children develop functional communication skills. Joanna enjoys problem solving with families and implementing alternative and augmentative communication systems.  

Joanna has a positive approach, is committed to building on a child’s strengths and strives to empower both children and their families. If as a parent you feel that my services have not achieved this, please inform me at your earliest convenience.

Joanna Maddox
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